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  • abhinav bussa

    abhinav bussa

    Javascript Developer | Creative | Energetic | Enthusiast



    Ruby, Ruby On Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, Flutter, React, JavaScript

  • Sudharsanan Muralidharan

    Sudharsanan Muralidharan

    Full Stack | Rubyist, Rails & Ember | https://github.com/scaffeinate

  • Shatabda


    Techie at heart. Foodie at large.

  • Dr. Derek Austin 🥳

    Dr. Derek Austin 🥳

    Frontend Software Engineer ♦ Developer Advocate ♦ SEO & Web Performance Expert ♦ Content Writer ♦ My Favorite Tech Stack: React / Next.js at Vercel

  • DHH


    Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp (formerly 37signals), NYT Best-selling author of REWORK and REMOTE, and Le Mans class-winning racing driver.

  • Daniel Kehoe

    Daniel Kehoe

    Contributing to development of the web since 1991. Now into Rails, open source, and startups. Follow @rails_apps for my tech tweets.

  • Christophe Limpalair

    Christophe Limpalair

    Helped build 2 startups to acquisition in 5 years: ScaleYourCode (Founder) and Linux Academy. Now building Cybr for the long-term.

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